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Money You Should Ask

Sep 30, 2019

Self-made man, Frank Andriolo swings by to chat to Bob. Frank began his career path groovin and shakin as a Dance Fever dancer, then jet setting around the world as a flight attendant, getting his hands dirty as a landscape architect, and now selling upscale homes in California. Frank has re-invented himself many times...

Sep 23, 2019

In this episode of MYSA, Bob speaks to actor, producer, and emotional health advocate and co-founder of Artist Warrior King, David Sutcliffe. You may recall seeing David as Christopher Hayden in Gilmore Girls, and other shows like Mistresses, Cracked and Private Practice. David is also a certified Core Energetics...

Sep 16, 2019

Living fabulously, not fabulously broke.

The Debt Free Guys; From FinCon 2019, John Schneider and David Auten take time out to discuss their experiences and financial journey in living a debt-free life.

They share how they were able to recognize that they had a spending problem, not an income problem and that they were...

Sep 10, 2019

And the winner is… Joanna Cassidy.

Golden Globe award-winning actress Joanna Cassidy joins Bob as she lights up the studio with her infectious energy. They chat about all things life, love, money, and business.

Joanna wears many hats; as an entertainer, an artist, a businesswoman, and a mom. Joanna talks about her...

Sep 3, 2019

Award-winning director Taylor Brooks drops by to shoot the breeze with Bob. They chat about his money beliefs, money blocks and his adventures in life.

Taylor, AKA-The Crying Coach, is also an actor, comedian, acting coach-mentor, writer, author, photographer and celebrity impersonator on KLOS 95.5-The Frasier Smith...