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Money You Should Ask

Jul 26, 2022

Imagine landing your dream job. And then imagine having your supervisor take credit for your work time and again. Infuriating, right? This scenario was a reality for our next guest, productivity expert and Wired editor Alan Henry. When it happened to Alan, he, like so many others, buried his feelings and stayed quiet. 

Jul 19, 2022

Medical debt is a real and pressing issue. Millions of Americans are struggling to pay off this type of debt. In fact, it's the number one reason people file for bankruptcy. To add to this dilemma, 80-90% of medical bills contain mistakes. What if there were ways to crush medical debt and avoid a lifetime of...

Jul 12, 2022

Too often, we tend to think of physical abuse when we think of abusive relationships. But the truth is, financial abuse is just as dangerous and can be just as damaging. Financial abuse is a type of manipulation where one partner controls all the money in the relationship. They may give their partner an allowance,...

Jul 5, 2022

Have you ever felt the weight of your day-to-day life? The stress from work, family issues at home, or financial worries can feel like they're going to take over. There is an easy way for us all to declutter our thoughts, find a sense of inner peace, and manage the stress in our lives.


Our next guest,...