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Money You Should Ask

Jan 11, 2022

After struggling with money in his twenties and sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, our next guest Aaron Nannini started educating himself on personal finance. Through years of intense study and practice, he went from barely getting by each month to complete financial clarity and harmony—all in less than five years. He believes that anyone can achieve financial freedom without sacrificing their lifestyle or happiness.


Aaron Nannini, is the founder of and author of the book Cash Uncomplicated: a New Mindset to Building Wealth. Aaron achieved financial success as an everyday person with an average salary by implementing basic and uncomplicated principles such as life goals, daily habits, intentional money decisions, and a value-based spending mindset.


In this episode, Aaron and I discuss the need to be intentionally conscious with your money management and stay in integrity with your highest values. 


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