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Money You Should Ask

Jun 14, 2021

Our next guest is Garit Boothe, a marketing professional specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Financial Technology companies. He is also an avowed money nerd and writes about personal finance on his blog, Digital Honey.Money.

Garit shares his insights on how he overcame his limiting beliefs and money blocks in his life. "Making progress, not perfection" became Garit's mantra, which helped him leave behind his corporate job and become an entrepreneur.

Bob and Garit's conversation highlights:

[2:06] Conversations about money and being socially appropriate.
[8:09] Looking at the root cause of your issues.
[11:04] Making the shift from struggle to purpose.
[18:45] Navigating life goals that your spouse doesn't share.
[25:58] Learning delayed gratification from kids.
[30:07] Sometimes, the root cause of an issue has nothing to do with money, but once you fix it, your money problems go away.

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