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Money You Should Ask

Dec 13, 2021

Many people start a business because they want to make money. That's understandable, but if you want your business to be successful, it's crucial that you first identify what is most important to you.


Our next guest is Alex Sanfilippo, the host of the top-rated entrepreneurship podcast, Creating a Brand, and the founder of, a free service that matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews. After years of working in different industries, Alex decided to return to his first love of entrepreneurship. From building a globally ranked Christian multi-author blog, to traveling around the United States speaking and coaching people who want to start their own business, Alex has made it a priority to add value to people's lives in many ways. 


The Money You Should Ask Team loves using Alex's PodMatch service so much that we just had to get him on the show.


Bob and Alex discuss some key topics that sometimes get overlooked when starting your own business.


[5:11] Learning to manage money at 12 years old.

[10:51] The art of building a business system.

[15:11] Be willing to collaborate.

[18:32] Having a mindset of service and helping other people.

[24:59] Understanding why you want to start your own business.

[25:55] "You've gotta be passionate about the solution that you're offering to somebody else's problem." 


Check out Creating Your Brand Podcast as Alex shares actionable content from successful leaders and subject matter experts on topics that help entrepreneurs make their first or next step in business the right one.


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