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Money You Should Ask

Mar 1, 2022

Showing gratitude and appreciation is a powerful force that can change your brain for the better.

Our next guest, Michael Burgos, is an entrepreneur, mentor, credit repair specialist, and author. With his main mission and passion being helping people understand simple finance, Michael started in retail banking with the intention of understanding all aspects of the banking business. He was quickly promoted to running seven bank branches.

Michael, AKA Mike, then decided to start a financial services business, focusing heavily on helping his clients with improving their credit, budgeting, and asset protection. 

Mike and I discuss his many childhood hurdles and how he stayed motivated and maintained a healthy appreciation for life even in harsh conditions.

To learn even more about Michael's personal journey facing life-threatening events and homelessness to building massive success rapidly, you can check out his recently published book: Undeniable: What It Takes to Repair Your Life, Business, and Legacy.

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