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Money You Should Ask

Mar 28, 2023

Episode 237. Have you ever considered investing in gold, silver or other precious metals? It is often overlooked by most investors when compared to traditional investments such as real estate and the stock market. However, Silver and Gold have been around for centuries and were even used as currency before paper money was introduced.


In this episode, Patrick Yip-Director of Business Development at APMEX and One-Gold, talks about the benefits of diversifying your portfolio with precious metals in uncertain economic times. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, are precious metals worth considering for your portfolio?


Let your investments work for you by gifting yourself (or friends!) some shiny gold. Invest $100 with One Gold to snag an extra 5 bucks that'll go towards future buys - not bad eh? And full transparency, we get $5 too. 


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