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Money You Should Ask

Feb 8, 2022

What would happen if you went from desiring success to experiencing success? 

As someone who has surmounted experiences with poverty, depression, and intimate partner violence, this week's guest, Dr. Jessica Houston, was not as confident as she is today. In fact, there were many instances where fear and self-doubt held her back. 

As a transformational speaker and award-winning author, Dr. Jessica Houston's messaging and platform are influenced by her experience in leadership development, mental health, and higher education. She currently serves as a professor at Purdue University and owns and operates Expecting Victory, a professional development training company.

Dr. Jessica and I tackle the true meaning of Authentic Happiness. By choosing to heal old habits, beliefs, or trauma, we can find the freedom to be our true selves rather than who we think we should be.

Bridge the gap between desiring and experiencing with Dr. Jessica's free training. Position yourself for your Next Big Breakthrough and shift your destiny.

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