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Money You Should Ask

Apr 12, 2021

Many of us feel we have great ideas or goals but don't act on them or fall short when we try. 

To show you how to break through and achieve success and awaken your inner action hero, Bob chats with Corporate Action Hero, John Davis. He is an internationally known Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Fight Director, Stuntman, College Professor, and Artistic Director.

John has traveled extensively throughout the world, speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in 28 countries, and has had over 4,000 live performances. John has also dedicated himself to entertaining and empowering soldiers overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

John speaks with Bob about:

  • Changing the perceived value of yourself.
  • Breaking free of old childhood stories and patterns.

  • Hacking your mindset to move past fears.

  • Creating a secure foundation before taking financial risks.

To inspire you to set and reach your maximum potential, John has a free gift for our audience. Download his free "5F" Workbook, and Awaken Your Inner Action Hero today. Crack the whip for your success, and visit Corporate Action Hero to learn more about John.

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