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Money You Should Ask

Sep 6, 2021

It is heroic to be able to look at ourselves and ask those hard existential questions, to be able to ask ourselves why we do the things we do, what are our triggers? What kind of people get our goat? What kind of situations drive us into self doubt?

Our next guest is Christian de la Huerta. With 30 years of experience, Christian is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach, and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats, combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects.  Christian is an award-winning, critically acclaimed author, and he has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TEDx stage. 

Bob and Christian have a candid conversation about:

[2:18] Experiencing culture shock after emigrating from Cuba.
[18:31] The journey from self-hatred to self-acceptance.
[24:57] "it's not a belief. It's like, I know that I'm going to be taken care of."
[32:42] Forgive and give-for.
[42:21] "You can't Namaste the shadow away."
[46:13] We are the help!

Grab a copy of his new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as "a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life's difficult questions." 

Connect with Christian de la Huerta: