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Money You Should Ask

Dec 20, 2022

Episode 223. Is your mindset about money passed down from generation to generation? Do you think your current money mindset was influenced by your ancestors? Researchers have recently found that a parent or guardian’s financial attitude can be inherited by their children, putting them at risk for life-long insecurity. So what can you do to break the cycle and give your children the best chance for a successful future?


In this episode CEO, Investor and Money Coach, Lari Finance and I talk about building generational wealth. We discuss the importance of creating curiosity around your own money story. Learning about the financial beliefs that you may have inherited from family or past generations, helps you decide if they serve you or not in the present. And if you decide they no longer serve you, you can flip the script and make new financial choices that DO serve you, your values and those of future generations to come.


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