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Money You Should Ask

May 9, 2023

William Hung may have been met with mockery during his audition on American Idol, but few were prepared for the remarkable journey that was to come. Little did anyone know; his passion and resilience would take him from being laughed at to an inspiring success story. He overcame two failed marriages, a costly gambling addiction, and a humble upbringing to become a successful entrepreneur and author, inspiring others to become a champion by choice.


In my conversation with William, we dove deep into the emotional landscapes of money and fame. We discussed that prioritizing joy and gratitude - instead of solely chasing financial goals – can bring greater satisfaction in life. He also shared his inspiring insights on developing an empowering champion mindset for success.


Filled with powerful stories of triumph and perseverance, William’s book "Champion by Choice" is an essential tool for anyone looking to overcome adversity, embrace change, and take control of their life.


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