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Money You Should Ask

Jun 28, 2021

You may see yourself as bold and confident, yet when the subject turns to money: your mind goes blank; a pit opens up inside you, or even panic sets in! 

Our next guest is Michelle Arpin Begina. Michelle is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Management Analyst, money mentor and coach, photographer, and a mom. Her earliest memories from childhood all relate to money.   

What differentiates Michelle from other financial advisors is that she has spent the last two-plus decades studying the unconventional, non-financial aspects of life satisfaction, financial therapy (it's a thing), behavioral bias, choice, and decision advising.

Michelle believes we all need to examine the money stories, scripts, and lessons that affect our financial psychology to rethink what we know about money and have more of it. 

Michelle Joins Bob to Discuss:

[1:27] The Impact of money as a child.
[6:30] Navigating the technical and emotional aspects of money
[10:57] "More money solves everything, right?"
[11:47] The shame and secrecy of money.
[26:50] Healing your money woes through journaling and speaking.
[31:40] Understanding the money narrative in your head.

Michelle's "Good With Money: Success Formula" will help you claim your full financial power and leave behind old patterns, beliefs, and stories that are holding you back.

Connect With Michelle Arpin Begina:

LinkedIn: Michelle Arpin Begina CFP
Facebook: @Michelle.ArpinBegina
Instagram: @michellearpinbegina