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Money You Should Ask

Feb 1, 2021

Dow Janes, Laurie-Anne King and Britt William Baker and team, are a financial education company empowering women+ to get in control of their money. They believe that women+ with money have more choices and louder voices, and they're on a mission to build the financial confidence of women+ around the world.

Laurie-Anne is a financial coach and serial entrepreneur who runs two 7-figure companies. As a self-made businesswoman, Laurie-Anne knows what it takes to ensure financial success is possible for anyone. 

Britt is a Harvard Business School graduate, expert investor, and money mindset coach. She is on a mission to serve those who have been traditionally left out of the financial world. 

Bob and the Dow Janes have an awesome, full conversation about:

  • Being aware of the systemic issues as well as the personal mindset of the individual.
  • Some startling statistics on women+ and finances.
  • Their own-personal financial journeys.
  • The value of looking at the "you now" making decisions that will benefit the "future you." 

To learn more about the Dow Janes (and team) or to take part in their free training event, 'Art of Feminine Finance,' visit their website.

Facebook: @thedowjanes
Instagram: @dow.janes