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Money You Should Ask

Aug 30, 2021

Change is needed. And we don't mean the spare change in your pocket. Change in the world, and it all starts with us. What can each of us do to encourage unity and equality in the world?

In this episode, Bob invites actress and philanthropist Kelly Hu to the hot seat. Kelly, former Miss Teen USA in 1985 and Miss Hawaii in 1993, has worked on countless television, film, and video game projects, including Growing Pains, Sunset Beach, Nash Bridges, The Scorpion King, X2, Arrow, and recently Netflix's, Finding' Ohana and many more.

Kelly is also a longtime activist, most recently focusing on her project, 33 Edge, which was designed and built by Kelly during the covid-19 quarantine as a response to the protests and discrimination happening at that time. Kelly has always sought equality and justice for everyone and designed 33 Edge in the hopes of encouraging more unity, equality, and respect for fellow human beings.

Bob and Kelly Discuss:

[8:45] Becoming an activist.
[15:15] Covid mindset shift and the "Oh Shit!" bag.
[24:52] Making the statement of being a good person.
[26:27] Look at things practically versus flashy.
[41:26] Having a sense of accomplishment.
[48:04] Choose to be joyful.

Visit to learn more about Kelly's socially conscious t-shirts that support unity, equality, diversity, humanity and kindness.

Connect With 33 Edge and Kelly Hu: