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Money You Should Ask

Oct 25, 2022

Why is it that money can be so emotionally charged? One reason is that money often represents our worth and status in society. We may feel ashamed or embarrassed if we don't have enough money, or we may feel superior if we do. Additionally, money can be a source of stress because it's often unclear how we should use it. Should we save for the future or spend now? Is there such a thing as too much saved up? These are all questions that can lead to anxiety and stress.

In this episode, wealth advocate and founder of Financial Fundamentals-Jenn Wolowich, joins me to discuss the psychology of money. We explore the difficulty in distinguishing between the person & the money - "I’m a bad person because I am terrible with money." We joke about there being no parades or confetti when we are financially responsible. Jenn vulnerably shares a personal story about wrestling with the need to rob her daughter’s piggy bank.

Jenn has been a money nerd her whole life. While her friends were playing barbies, she was creating a make-believe bank complete with real deposit and withdrawal slips and an even old cheque book from the neighbour. Playing bank didn't stop her from making terrible financial decisions as an adult and robbing her daughter's piggy bank to pay credit card bills.

Armed with a degree in psychology, her Financial Advisor designation and her passion for consumer-debt freedom, Jenn is empowering families and individuals to take control of their finances and eliminate financial stress.

If you're feeling anxious about your finances, visit and learn how take control of your money. Jenn will help you eliminate debt, save on taxes, protect your wealth and master your cash flow so you can rest easy about the future.

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