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Money You Should Ask

Oct 4, 2021

Financial deception is cited as one of the main reasons couples lead to separation and divorce. According to, for individuals who combined finances and report that either they or their spouse/partner committed acts of financial deception, 85% indicate that the deceptions affected their current or past relationships.

Our next guest, Chelsea Norton, is the Managing Director of Marketing at the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). Having been previously employed at a small credit union as a collections specialist and loan officer, Chelsea understands first-hand how financial matters encompass the lives and well-being of many people.

Chelsea also supports a micro-chain of organic restaurants that she co-owns with her partner. She is also an avid athlete who enjoys weightlifting, running, cross-fit, mountain biking, and hiking.


Recorded live at FinCon 2021, Austin, Texas.

Bob and Chelsea discuss the importance of financial literacy and the impact of financial infidelity.

[3:08] Growing up around proactive money management.
[6:07] Witnessing the financial lives of many people being destroyed by the financial crisis in 2008.
[8:40] Financial infidelity is more common than you think.
[12:36] Check what's due before you say I do.
[16:31] Choose a conversation about money, not a conflict about money.
[20:11] Modeling the behavior you want to see.

NEFE - the National Endowment for Financial Education, focuses on high-quality, forward-thinking financial education through robust research, decision-making tools, and reliable interventions to advance the financial well-being of many Americans.


Connect with Chelsea Norton and NEFE:

Twitter: @NEFE_ORG