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Money You Should Ask

Jul 12, 2021

If you are looking for a way to unlock the capital sitting in your home equity, then our next guest Matthew Sullivan offers some debt-free solutions for homeowners and opportunities for investors.

Matthew Sullivan is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, a company that helps homeowners access a portion of their home equity without taking on more debt.

Matthew and his team have helped over a hundred homeowners use their home equity to pay off expensive credit cards, remodel their home, pay college tuition fees, or diversify into other investments, all without taking on extra debt. Matthew has a proven track record in real estate innovation through his experiences as Co-Founder of the Secured Real Estate Income Strategies Fund and was President and Founder of, a real estate crowdfunding company.

Originally from London, Matthew worked with Richard Branson's corporate finance team and was a Virgin-sponsored London Air Ambulance Director. A helicopter pilot himself, he is also the host of the podcast "Hooked On Startups."

Bob and Matthew Discuss:

[9:28] Going out and creating something.
[17:05] The complex multi-layered asset class that is real estate.
[21:27] The psychological attachment of "it's all mine."
[25:58] Bouncing back after losing it all.
[27:40] Looking at solutions instead of problems.
[35:20] Sitting back and doing nothing vs. moving forward.

Don't wait until you've sold your home to enjoy your equity – with QuantmRE; you can use the cash you release to improve your life now.

Connect with Matthew Sullivan:

Twitter: @quantmre