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Money You Should Ask

May 3, 2022

In today's fast-paced, overstimulated world, there are more distractions than ever before. We've all had moments where we needed some "me" time and found it hard to prioritize our lives between work, family obligations, or the million other things vying for attention in our daily lives. What changes might help create more balance in your life, including finances?

Our next guest is Heather Zeitzwolfe, who turned her world upside down to embark on a new journey to get her balance right. Heather is a CPA, profitability coach, podcast host of Get The Balance Right, speaker, rebel, nerd, vegan, cat mom, feminist, and activist. Heather is intent on helping female entrepreneurs take control of their finances. She has funky colored hair, transforms tofu into delicious desserts and geeks out on writing sketch comedy.

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