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Money You Should Ask

May 25, 2020

On this episode of MYSA, G.K. Hunter talks about the importance of healing bloodlines and beliefs around inheriting money. Do people owe you an inheritance? Is inheriting money part of your financial plan? Would you prefer a healthy relationship with your parents or a big cash payout? Bob and G.K. Hunter explore family history and the financial beliefs that come with it.

G.K. Hunter is a healer, surfer, author and documentary film maker who works with healing bloodlines. He wrote the book, Healing Our Bloodlines, The 8 Realizations About Generational Liberation and recently completed the film Sakura and Pearls, a documentary of World War II Japanese survivors of the atomic bomb and US survivors from Pearl Harbor, who come together to share their anger and their pain and their common humanity. @AuthorGKHunter, @gkhunter