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Money You Should Ask

Feb 22, 2022

If you want your children to be financially savvy, it's crucial that they know the value of money and how best to manage their own finances.

Our next guest is Rachel Murphy, who has worked with young people for almost twenty-five years as a youth director, a foster parent, a mentor to young adults, and a mom to five children (ages 8-24). Through the years, Rachel was surprised by how many teens lacked easily taught life skills that would help them launch out independently. 

Rachel and her family created Raising Confident Teens podcast and Facebook community to help teach life and leadership skills to teens and empower parents as they navigate preparing their teens for adulthood. Rachel is the author of the book, I Am Not Your ATM: A Practical Plan for Teaching Your Teen To Manage Money.

Rachel and I discuss the significance of teaching money management to children so they can actually be prepared for adulting. 

Visit for some great resources to help put your teens on the right track for adulting.

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