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Money You Should Ask

May 24, 2021

How can you think outside the box within the workplace environment and maintain motivation during days that feel never-ending? 

Today's guest is Chris Bello, who quit his corporate job three years in and, after applying a little intense intentionality, he transformed his life. After grappling with one side-hustle after another, he went all-in on residential real estate, where he has quickly caught momentum. Chris is also the host of the top-rated business podcast, the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast (1M+ downloads), where he documents his journey and interviews incredible guests.

Episode Highlights with Bob and Chris:

[2:35] The Squirrel Syndrome- too many shiny objects.
[6:34] Navigating Financial differences between 3 cultures.
[14:11] Comparing yourself to yesterday, a month and a year ago.
[20:59] Conquering fears and challenges.
[32:57] Money beliefs when buying real estate.
[41:47] Don't spend it if you don't have it.

Chris's motto is "Less dreaming, more doing." Download his free guide on Productivity Hacks and unleash the do-er in you.

Connect With Chris Bello:

Instagram: @chrisbello_