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Money You Should Ask

Dec 21, 2021

It's easy to think about money in terms of numbers, but what happens when you let human emotions get in the way?


In this episode I am joined by Jonathan DeYoe. He has been a California-based financial advisor for 25 years. He managed investments at a variety of Wall Street Companies before founding his financial planning firm, Mindful Money, in 2002. Jonathan is a contributor on personal finance matters for the Huffington Post and Business Insider and featured in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.


Jonathan is passionate about spreading the values of goal-focused and planning-driven wealth management to help people enjoy better financial outcomes AND live happier lives! 


We Discuss:

Jonathan and I break down some of the stories we tell ourselves that block us from financial growth. We talk about the importance of becoming mindful when managing your finances.


[3:45] Staying focused on what's important to you.

[6:31] "The thing you don't have is the thing you covet" 

[10:19] The desire to be a millionaire is shorthand for, "I want to feel financially secure."

[17:03] What's your bank balance comfort zone?

[20:33] Auto investing, auto-saving and auto spending. It doesn't mean auto pilot.

[25:56] Mindful Money book & The Happiness Dividend.


The first step on your path to financial health is knowing what your goals are. Mindful Money's Values, Purpose & Goals mini-course is designed to help you do just that. This course module will discuss life, vision, and values, and introduce mission and budgeting. And it's Free. Register Now!


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