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Money You Should Ask

Aug 11, 2021

Do you believe in paying it forward? Our next guest is Mathew Broster. After some struggles with mental health, Mat decided to leave the UK in 2013 on a one-way ticket to Thailand with just the bag on his back.

Since then, Mathew has traveled to many countries before eventually settling in Australia, helping indigenous children and families. Mat has a deep and passionate calling to raise as many funds as possible to help struggling children in orphanages. Mat's other passion is writing. His book, "Just Imagine," will take you on a journey of self-discovery through the most powerful tool of self-discovery known in universal history, the imagination.

Mat shares his perspective on Money and how using it as energy helps him help those who need it the most.

Bob and Mat's conversation includes:

[2:10] Emotional attachment to Money.
[10:18] Beliefs around Money in various indigenous cultures.
[12:58] "The biggest life lesson I learned from other cultures is unconditional sharing."
[19:58] The spiritual awakening that changed the trajectory of Mat's life.
[21:05] 40 days and 40 nights. The inspiration for Mat's book, "Just Imagine."
[25:30] Look within. What's your true heart's desire?

Mat's book, "Just Imagine," has captured the minds and hearts of countless readers. With every physical copy sold on his website, 75% goes to those who need it most - orphans in orphanages worldwide and street kids struggling with poverty.

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