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Money You Should Ask

Jan 24, 2022

It seems like every other day there's a new story in the news about a major company getting hacked. Personal information is stolen, customer data is compromised, and millions of dollars are lost.

Our next guest is Nick Espinosa, an expert in cybersecurity and network infrastructure. He founded Windy City Networks, Inc at age 19 and was acquired by BSSi2 LLC, where he is now their CIO. In 2015, Nick launched Security Fanatics, a Cybersecurity outfit dedicated to designing custom Cyberdefense strategies for medium to enterprise corporations.

Additionally, Nick serves on the Board of Advisors for Roosevelt University's College of Arts and Sciences and their Center for Cyber and Information Security. He is also the Official Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition.

Nick is a nationally recognized speaker, member of the Forbes Technology Council, and a regular columnist for Forbes. He is also the award-winning co-author of a bestselling book, Easy Prey, and host of a nationally syndicated radio show, The Deep Dive.

Nick and I discuss the emotional impact of trust in the digital era and practical security tips to implement a sound cybersecurity strategy.

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Twitter: @NickAEsp

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