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Money You Should Ask

May 10, 2021

What's your recipe for wellness? Whether it's your physical health, mental health, or even your financial health, they are all integral aspects in finding balance in life. And they are all interconnected. 

Our next guest is Wendie Veloz, the founder of Wellness Grind, an online community that helps people identify their wellness needs and define their unique wellness recipe. Wendie has over 15 years of Public Health and prevention experience, working with individuals and local, state, and federal government agencies. Wendie is a level 2 certified SPIN instructor and certified Reiki practitioner.

Conversation Highlights Between Bob and Wendie:

[4:18] Wellness services can be expensive. How to seek help when you are in survival mode.
[8:49] Preventing harmful outcomes in the long term by investing in your wellness.
[12:20] The impact of growing up in the Hispanic culture and the cultural influences around money.
[19:39] Asking for support and building a team of people to help you.
[22: 51] Unlearning beliefs and habits after 12 months of social isolation during the pandemic.
[33:36] Money and Motivation Tip: Wendie shares a secret paydown method that student loan debt lenders don't want you to know about.

Wendie named her company Wellness Grind because "there's a lot of grit and determination that needs to come into maintaining your wellness over your life course." Wendie loves to share diverse wellness and health perspectives on