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Money You Should Ask

Oct 18, 2021

For many of us, managing our money, or lack thereof can be frustrating. Our next guest, Nicole Iacovoni, was no exception. Through trial and tribulation, Nicole transformed her relationship with money from heavy and serious to fun, flirty, and fulfilled. 



Nicole is a Financial Therapist & Licensed Couple’s Therapist who teaches women entrepreneurs how to make tending to their finances feel fun and flirty instead of boring and overwhelming. Nicole writes a swoon-worthy newsletter called The Comfy Couch, where she dishes on her latest financial crush, offers inspirational ideas for "dating your money," and helps ambitious entrepreneurs deal with business drama.



Through her trademarked program, Money Therapy, Nicole helps entrepreneurs make more profits, manage their money with Beyonce-level confidence, and transform their toxic relationship with money into a steamy love affair. Nicole has been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, and Elephant Journal. When she’s not empowering women to take a more active role in their financial lives, you can find her chillin’ with her chickens on her little “farmette,” devouring self-help books, and sipping on vanilla lattes.



Bob and Nicole find the fun, in the not so fun world of money. 


[7:03] Keeping busy to avoid feeling things.

[13:43] "If we don't understand something, we fear it and we avoid it."

[16:26] Guilt & Shame, the most common emotions around money.

[25:32] Recognizing personal vs systemic conceptions.

[34:42] "Hardship is difficult, but there are also so many gems of wisdom that we can pluck out and learn from."

[45:13] Are Your Finances Like Fight Club?



Make time for lovin up on your money, so money will love you back! Visit Nicole's website and download "Date Your Money Planner" for free and experience a fun, flirty relationship with your money.



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