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Money You Should Ask

Feb 15, 2022

What if you could make money while taking care of your family, lying on the beach, or skiing down a mountain?

Our next guest, Dustin Heiner, is an author, rental property expert, and Founder of After being Successfully Unemployed at 37 by investing in real estate rental properties, he is now on a mission to use his podcast, books, courses, and coaching to help other people master passive income. Dustin helps his students build successful real estate investing businesses all over the country.

Dustin and I discuss his journey to becoming a real estate investor, finally saying goodbye to J.O.B (just over broke), and finding financial freedom.

Grab a free copy of Dustin's best-selling book, "How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties," and start making a plan to create Passive Income in your life.

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