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Money You Should Ask

Dec 7, 2021

For those who have a real estate investment dream but don't know where to start, author, investor, & realtor Michael Dominguez stops by. Michael shares how investing in simple quality homes with additional dwelling units transformed his wealth. He is an award-winning sales representative, member of the RE/MAX Hall Of Fame, and founder of Doors To Wealth Real Estate Group, a team of realtors focused on educating and assisting people with investing in real estate.


Michael has discovered a real passion for helping others build their wealth to experience the choices and financial freedom they desire.


Bob and Michael discuss how transforming your mindset can set you up to see real changes in your net worth. 


[3:48] "I was the little kid that I said, I want to be a millionaire."

[9:06] Take action to improve your financial intelligence.

[14:39] Focus on quality properties in quality neighborhoods that appreciate in value.

[18:13] The Goldilocks Principle, what's just right for you.

[22:35] Finding quality tenants that help make the landlord experience pleasurable.

[28:56] Owning a home, a financial asset, or monetary liability?

[30:41] People underestimate what they can accomplish in 10 years.


Michael's book, Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, provides the roadmap to crafting a portfolio of quality investment properties for positive cash flow. His book offers valuable insights into property investment that creates consistent and sustainable wealth and savvy retirement planning—without taking over your life. 


Connect with Michael Dominguez:





Twitter: @armchair_wealth