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Money You Should Ask

Jul 6, 2020

Bob Wheeler & holistic practitioners Laura Matsue & Bernhard Guenther discuss the energy of money and how spirituality and money are interconnected. Laura & Bernhard share their perspective that money is fuel, allowing them to be of service without being drained, financially, or emotionally. They reveal that their journey to a healthy relationship with money was not immediate and not initially on the radar. Listen in as Laura & Bernhard get candid and personal about money, energy & spirituality.

Laura is a registered yoga & meditation teacher, astrologer, & holistic life coach. She has also studied the Compassionate Inquiry
Professional Program, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate. She works with a wide range of modalities, ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to somatic trauma healing modalities, psychic & esoteric modalities. Learn more about Laura's work at

Bernard is a certified Massage & Deep Bodywork® Therapist, Holographic Kinetics practitioner, and Holistic Life Coach. His life journey has lead him to the study & practice of drums/percussion (Percussion Institute of Technology), yoga, Qi Gong, dance, Shamanism, psychology (Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing), massage & bodywork (Esalen Institute) as well as other various spiritual & ancient esoteric teachings. More about Bernhard's work at
@veilofreality, @bernhardguenther

Tune into The Cosmic Matrix Podcast hosted by Laura & Bernhard. They talk about various topics relating to spirituality, psychology, self-work, embodiment, & relationships.