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Money You Should Ask

Jan 11, 2021

Bethany Bayless is a speaker, podcaster, writer, and professional emcee, known for her unique comedic style and high-energy presentations. She has hosted 50+ conferences and events, including Heroes at Home Events, Military Influencers Conference, The Plutus Awards, and #FinCon18 + #FinCon19. She is also Director of Communications for Heroes at Home.

After becoming a first-time mom in the middle of a global pandemic, Bethany shares how she has had to reevaluate her goals, family life, career, and personal finances and explore new income streams. Bethany and Bob discuss the excitement of actually having an emergency fund in place before the emergency!

You can catch Bethany on her upbeat podcast #TheMoneyMillhouse, where she and her co-host, Ellie Kay, have enlightening conversations about personal finance. Bethany is in the process of launching her new podcast, Motherhood and Money Show. @bethanybayless,