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Money You Should Ask

Dec 23, 2019

Brandon Parkhurst is a singer/songwriter, musician, music therapist, emotional health mentor and a certified Core-Energetics Practitioner. As a musician, he has toured with Green Day, Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World and was an original member of Rock To Recovery. Catch him performing in his current band, Sister Juanita. His newest venture is One Law Love Event Center, in Encinitas, where an environment is created for emotional health, recovery and healing.

Bob and Brandon talk about the energy of money. Their discussions range from listening to our doubting self that shouts, "Be greedy, there's NOT enough, I want more," to the trusting place that knows "I have all that I need and then some." They discuss the importance of staying conscious around money choices and becoming aware of sabotaging beliefs. Are you allowed to make money and have fun making it?

@brandon_parkurst, @sisterjuanita, @rocktorecovery