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Money You Should Ask

Jul 5, 2022

Have you ever felt the weight of your day-to-day life? The stress from work, family issues at home, or financial worries can feel like they're going to take over. There is an easy way for us all to declutter our thoughts, find a sense of inner peace, and manage the stress in our lives.


Our next guest, Roberta Hughes, is the Founder and lead instructor at PeaceFull Living. This boutique hybrid studio conveys a delicate and personalized Peaceful Living instruction for body and mind through customized Pilates, Meditation, and Yoga practices. 


Roberta's philosophy is that with the proper training and body awareness, everybody can achieve their health and wellness goals, live without pain, reduce the impact of stress, and obtain the highest quality of life.


Roberta and Bob unpack the benefits of mindful practices, zen moments, and why we need to be more radical with our self-care.


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From the comfort of your home, you can embark on a Peaceful, Purposeful, and Personal approach to having Pilates, Yoga and Meditation transform your life. Roberta is graciously offering 30% discount on any of the services at by using promo code MONEY30 at checkout. Become a member or sign up for a customized plan with guidance and mentorship directly with Roberta and begin your PeaceFull Living journey today. 


Thank you for taking the time to tune in. To find links to connect with Roberta, more information, resources and a transcript of this episode, please visit: