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Money You Should Ask

Aug 2, 2021

All too often, criminal justice-involved individuals struggle upon release to secure jobs that allow them the opportunity for growth. With doors being closed on these individuals simply because of their criminal records, how can they succeed?

Our next guest is Sean Hosman, a justice-impacted serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the correctional industry who has a unique perspective on both business and second chances. He became justice-involved through addiction, and now, 10 years clean, he is dedicated to achieving racial equality in corrections and ending mass incarceration.

Sean founded Vant4ge, a human services and predictive analytics technology company that has revolutionized correctional care and case management. He is also the co-founder of Persevere, a non-profit that teaches justice-involved individuals to code behind prison bars, and Banyan Labs, a technology development company that hires Persevere graduates. Each business plays a vital role in increasing public safety and improving outcomes in the criminal justice system, while also bringing hope, skills, and opportunity to justice-involved individuals. Through his work with these companies, Sean is focused on changing lives and stopping the cycle of multi-generational incarceration. 

In this episode, Bob & Sean discuss: 

[3:09] Social determinants of health.
[10:36] Growing up with the fear of never having enough.
[13:08] How childhood experiences can shape your adult relationship with money.
[30:59] Power comes from vulnerability.
[31:41] Leaving behind a legacy.
[39:24] “Never let your money sit idle.”

How can you help others Persevere? Visit Persevere Now to support Sean’s mission to empower justice-involved individuals at risk to succeed as productive members of society.

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