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Money You Should Ask

Nov 23, 2021

From losing $50 million in the market crash of 2008 to the success he enjoys today, Rod Khleif's experience involves both remarkable triumphs and spectacular failures.


Rod is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about real estate, business, and giving back. As one of the country's top business, real estate, and peak performance luminaries, Rod has owned over 2,000 homes and apartment buildings and has built over 24 businesses in his 40-year career.


His work dives into the psychology of success, and brings incredible first-hand, technical, and motivational knowledge and skills to any real estate, business, or success-based discussion. Rod also founded The Tiny Hands Foundation, which has benefited more than 85,000 community children in need.


Bob and Rod Discuss the emotional journey from having it all to losing it all and everything in between.


[4:02] 90% of our success is attributed to our mindset and our psychology.

[10:23] "There's a reason that the acronym for belief systems is BS, because 99.9% of them are just that; they're BS."

[12:15] Whatever you say, your brain is hearing. 

[19:40] We'll do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure.

[23:58] See your future. Be your future.

[26:23] Never achieve a big goal without having other goals lined up behind it.

[28:39] The science of achievement versus the art of fulfillment.


Rod delivers the blueprint for Multifamily Mastery in an intensive live bootcamp event on Dec 3-5, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Text "multifamily" to 72345 (USA) or visit to register. MYSA exclusive discount code "RodFriend" and grab your ticket for $197.


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