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Money You Should Ask

Apr 5, 2021

David Strausser is the General Manager of Vision33 (Northeast Region), a podcaster, and contributor for Forbes. He tackles business problems head-on and helps small-medium businesses transform their processes by automating them, maximizing intelligence through digital means, and empowering owners with his podcast, Shark Bite Biz.

David chats with Bob about:

  • Becoming an entrepreneur after being flat broke.
  • Pushing through his fear and limitations in life and business.
  • Creating networking opportunities during the pandemic.
  • Looking at your personal finances like a business.

Whether it's his new coffee business, Dead House Coffee, or his podcast, Shark Bite BizDavid Strausser continues to inspire people to "get back to life."

@dstrausser83, @DeadHouseCoffee, @SharkBiteBiz