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Money You Should Ask

Sep 13, 2022

Episode 202: It's no secret that the financial industry has an inclusion problem. Marginalized groups, including people of color, women, and the LGBTQIA+ communities, feel discouraged from engaging in financial services. This leaves them at a disadvantage in building wealth and achieving economic security. But there are organizations out there working to change this. They're providing access to financial education, statistics, and resources for marginalized communities and helping them overcome barriers preventing them from achieving financial success.


In this episode, recorded @FinCon22, I invited Dr. Billy Hensley, CEO of the National Endowment for Financial Education, (NEFE) to discuss the need for inclusion and equality through empowerment and education within the financial services sector. In particular, highlighting the most current issues affecting the financial lives of the LGBTQIA+ communities.


In May 2022, NEFE surveyed U.S. adults who identify as LGBTQIA+ community members on a broad range of issues regarding their interactions with the financial services industry and their financial quality of life.


I urge you to read the full report, How LGBTQIA+ Representation Assures Better Data ( There needs be more discussions about inclusion through education.


"... only when all individuals and families are provided a level playing field free of bias and discrimination will we truly be able to achieve economic stability." - Dr. Billy Hensley. NEFE.


For more information about NEFE and Dr. Hensley, resources, links and a transcript of this episode, please visit: