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Money You Should Ask

Mar 14, 2023

Episode 235: Talking about money can be an uncomfortable subject for many, but it’s an especially important one when it comes to discussing social justice. If you’re seeing a therapist to work through issues relating to race, gender, and equality, odds are that financial considerations play some kind of factor.


Unfortunately, we often fail to have in-depth conversations both at home and in therapy with regards to our personal finances and its role in perpetuating disparities between sociocultural groups. However, by engaging with this topic more openly and honestly — especially if you're seeking help — we can begin challenging current power dynamics that aren't serving us well.


In this episode, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Expert, Author & Founder of Critical TherapySilvia M. Dutchevici, MA, LCSW and I discuss why therapists must not overlook the importance of addressing financial matters while working on social justice topics within their clients' sessions. Let's dive into why making finance part of your therapeutic journey is significant.


Learn more about Silvia's work and theory by reading her book: Critical Therapy: Power and Liberation in Psychotherapy.


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