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Money You Should Ask

Sep 27, 2021

Our next guest Joe Saul-Sehy, has gone from 16 years as a financial advisor to being the creator and co-host of The Stacking Benjamins Show and Money With Friends podcasts, creator of a network of five podcasts, and monthly contributor to another! He represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media and was the "Money Man" at Detroit's television channel WXYZ-TV.

From receiving top awards for The Stacking Benjamins Show and hosting the FinCon Expo Main Stage multiple times to being a current board member at large of The Plutus Foundation, Joe has proven himself as a household name in the finance arena. He is also the recipient of the FinCon 2021 Plutus Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.


Recorded live at FinCon 2021, Austin, Texas.

Bob and Joe trade war stories and bromance the day away.

[1:53] Leaving the world of financial advising to climb other mountains.

[8:21] Feel the fear and do it anyway.

[10:50] Crying about money. Most of us have all done it.

[16:33] Why surround sound is so important.

[18:55] Timelining your goals.

[25:29] Obvious quote by Sherlock Holmes.

[27:52] Tricking yourself to succeed.

[37:41] His book "Stacked," 15 years in the making.

"Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management," Joe's new book is available for preorder now!


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