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Money You Should Ask

Jul 12, 2022

Too often, we tend to think of physical abuse when we think of abusive relationships. But the truth is, financial abuse is just as dangerous and can be just as damaging. Financial abuse is a type of manipulation where one partner controls all the money in the relationship. They may give their partner an allowance, forbid them from working or make all the financial decisions. That can leave the victim feeling powerless and dependent on their abuser.


In this episode, Bob talks with divorce lawyer, empowerment trainer, author, and domestic violence advocate, Sonia Frontera. As a survivor of an abusive marriage, Sonia discusses some things people can do to prepare themselves to step away from toxic relationships.


One in every four women and one in seven men experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes. "Stop the Hurt" is a guide that teaches you how to spot the signs and take steps to end the abuse in a relationship in which a partner is hurting you or someone you know.


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