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Money You Should Ask

Feb 1, 2022

The saying "Old habits die hard," rings true for many people. Financial habits from our past can resurface when we least expect them? 

Our next guest, Claudia Monacelli helps people heal their past through hypnotherapy and past life regression. Claudia is a writer, psychic medium, medical intuitive & energy healer, an NLP specialist, & a certified hypnotherapist on past life regression, emphasizing archetypal psychology.

She has worked as an Interpreter for the United States Government, a Professional Conference Interpreter for the Italian Senate and House of Representatives, and a Professor at the University of Bologna and the International University of Rome.

Claudia has also written and published numerous books, and she works as a voice trainer, teaching others to explore methods to sustain their breath and improve their breathing patterns.

Claudia and I discuss healing emotional blocks through past life archetypal psychology. Healing past trauma doesn't have to be painful, it can be fun and transformational.

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