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Money You Should Ask

Dec 14, 2020

Our next guest Steve Connelly says, "a belief is a thought you continue to think. Whatever your mind focuses on gets bigger." Our thoughts and beliefs are either working for us and producing prosperity or creating energetic blocks that prevent us from achieving successful outcomes in our lives.

Bob and Steve discuss some of the life-changing benefits regarding the principles of The Law Of Attraction. By digging deep into our history, our own stories and getting curious about why we do what we do, we become more conscious, more aware, and more intentional in the way we think and speak. By shifting our beliefs that no longer serve us, we can create new ideas and thoughts that propel us toward successful and prosperous results.

Steve Connelly is an entrepreneur, author, producer, real estate investor, and inspirational educator. Steve shares his insights in his book, It's About Belief: 50 Belief Ideas to Advance Your Life. He also co-hosts the Real Estate 360 Show, where he speaks candidly about the real world of real estate investing. To learn more about Steve, visit