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Money You Should Ask

Aug 2, 2022

Most people going through a divorce will tell you that it's one of the worst experiences they have ever been through. It's a time of upheaval, adjustment, and enormous change. For many people, it's also a time of great loneliness and isolation. However, it is possible to not only get through a divorce but to thrive after it. With the right mindset and support system, you can rebuild your life and create a new future for yourself. 

After an excruciatingly painful divorce, our guest, Kelli Calabrese, got certified as a Divorce Coach to help her heal and help others to do the same. She is also a mental health care coach and the founder of Intentionally Fabulous - Single Redefined. Kelli empowers people to overcome grief, fear, and rejection so they can heal and create a fabulous life filled with peace, joy, gratitude, self-love, and celebration.  

If you've been impacted by divorce and are feeling lost, uncertain or just plain ready for something new in your life, Intentionally Fabulous - Single Redefined will help you find your way. Through online video classes, coaching, and community, Kelli provides the tools and support you need to create a fabulous bonus life - on your own terms.

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