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Money You Should Ask

Jul 26, 2021

In today's society, people are often judged by their appearance, gender and how they act. If you don't have the skills and confidence to be your own boss, there is a potential for people and clients to walk all over you. 

Our next guest, Carmelle Jean-Francois, knows how to take charge and boss up. Carmelle is a motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast, and Founder and CEO of cFIT Coaching. She has built a strong foundation through her certifications as a NASM Personal Trainer, a certified Spinning Instructor, a Medical Exercise Specialist, a Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and a Beachbody Coach. Carmelle's most recent projects include her newly published blog, Fit To Motivate, and the release of her upcoming book, Women of Color Who Boss Up: Asian, Latina and African American Women Who Thrive and Take Charge of Their Destiny.

Bob delves deep into Carmelle's relationship with money as they discuss:

[1:40] Money and emotions are always a work in progress.
[2:57] Being bold and putting yourself out there.
[6:37] Challenging the female boss stereotypes.
[12:48] "The switch came when I realized that they don't know my value."
[16:47] From poverty to possibility.
[25:46] Becoming your richest self. 

What does fit look like to you? cFIT Coaching provides a safe, encouraging, and supportive virtual community, educating individuals on achieving and sustaining their personal health, fitness, and nutritional goals.

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