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Money You Should Ask

Apr 12, 2022

It's no secret that the cost of college has increased dramatically in recent years, with an average student loan debt reaching $30k for young adults just starting out. But there are ways to work towards financial freedom, even as a teenager! 

My next guest, 17-year old podcaster & entrepreneur Chase Guelette knows this all too well. After interviewing knowledgeable guests on topics ranging from personal improvement to finance and investing during his first podcasting venture, he now helps other teens learn about money through experimentation with multiple different side hustles, including couch flipping.

There are a lot of assumptions out there about Gen Z'ers and money. I take it upon myself to see if they ring true in this discussion with Chase! Listen to our conversation and see if you agree.

Teen Financial Freedom is a personal finance blog and podcast run by teens on a mission to equip their peers with the knowledge, resources, and understanding they need to become financially free.

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