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Money You Should Ask

Jul 19, 2021

Do you ever feel like there's a creative person inside of you yearning to break free? Maybe it's time to stop waiting for someone else or other circumstances and permit yourself to be the artist you really are.

Our next guest, Amanda Filippelli, is an internationally recognized editor, writer, book coach, and author of Blue Rooms. She started her career as an associate editor for the Oyez Review in Chicago and has studied under several industry titans. An award-winning writer herself and publishing industry expert, Amanda has done it all from freelance writing, copy editing, content editing, ghostwriting and book coaching. She is also the co-founder of One Idea Press and founder of the Authorpreneur Conference.

Bob and Amanda delve into the challenges and successes that many artists face following their passion.

[2:25] The starving artist cliche.
[7:49] Being an artist helps bring new perspectives to cultural conversations.
[9:10] Being terrified to pursue a career in writing.
[19:52] Letting go of the imposter syndrome. Everyone's story has value.
[21:47] Becoming intentional and conscious when your family history was filled with shame around money.
[27:57] Discovering the root cause of impulsive spending and the spending will resolve itself.

Amanda specializes in helping writers realize their authentic voice and thrive as working writers. 

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Twitter: @Editor_Amanda