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Money You Should Ask

Aug 16, 2022

At work, we may feel the pressure to create an identity for ourselves that is different from who we really are. We want to be seen as successful, interesting, and put-together individuals. And if you're not white, you may need to create an identity that is digestible and comfortable for the predominate culture. You may feel pressured to hold back to portray a persona that isn't entirely authentic. It can be incredibly frustrating because it feels like being stuck in a constant cycle of pretending to be someone you're not. What if there were a way to be successful and still be true to one's self? 


In this episode,  Dr. Daryl L. Jones and Charles Mitchell Esq., hosts of The Conscious Vibe Podcast, shed some light on how they broke free from the pressures of corporate America to become entrepreneurs with the view to encourage individuals who don't see themselves pursuing a traditional path to create their own opportunities. 


I invite you to listen to this episode and include The Conscious Vibe Podcast on your list of must-listen-to podcasts as Dr D.J. (as I like to call him) and Charles Mitchell explore fascinating conscious conversations around mindset, race, politics, business, and culture.


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