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Money You Should Ask

Nov 22, 2022

Episode 215: At certain times in our lives we seek approval from others. It's a basic human need. But what happens when we become too reliant on the approval of others to define our self-worth? We can start to lose sight of who we are and what we want in life. Often as we begin to blossom into our true selves, we encounter push back and conflict from other people from whom we are seeking approval. Advocating for ourselves and staying in connection with others are an important part of the journey of self-discovery. Are you willing to push through the discomfort of confrontation to have the life you choose?

In my conversation with conflict resolution coach Jerry Fu, we discuss how people pleasing can lead us FURTHER FROM the path we truly desire. We also talk about meeting expectations set by other people at the cost of our own integrity. This episode explores the willingness to simply “go for it” even though you may not have perfected all the skills; being a work in progress doesn’t mean that your goals are invalid. Jerry’s expertise lies in his conflict resolution skills, and in this great conversation he expresses how having those skills gave him the courage to explore a life outside of people pleasing and expectations.

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