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Money You Should Ask

Jul 13, 2020

Leisa Peterson, CFP® is a coach, educator, podcast host and founder of WealthClinic and author of the new book "The Mindful Millionaire." Leisa helps people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true potential in creating financial security for themselves.

Leisa spent 25 years working in personal finance and real estate development, doing "the right thing" while separately engaging in mindfulness practices, meditations, and instruction in her personal time. After a life-altering experience, she was inspired to connect her finance expertise with her mindfulness practice and chose to leave her role as a Financial Advisor to create a business she was truly passionate about. She now coaches people towards creating abundant lives. She blends practical financial insights with spiritual and mindfulness practices to help clients break free from lack and scarcity, in order to discover their wholeness. These practices focus on the identification and release of self-defeating money fears and limiting beliefs.

Bob and Leisa chat about some of the hurdles people endure when dealing with emotional habits and money, including her own obstacles and successes. @MindfulWealth, @mindfulmillionaire, @leisapeterson, @FinCon