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Money You Should Ask

Jun 7, 2021

Finances can be simple, fun and doable if you set your mind to it. By keeping it simple and doable, you can reach your goals. Wouldn't that be fun?

Our next guests are Rachel Marshall and Bruce Wehner from The Money Advantage, a team of financial freedom architects for wealth creators.

Rachel is the Co-Founder, Chief Financial Educator, and Content Strategist of The Money Advantage, where she is known for making money simple, fun, and doable. She's currently writing a book about her near-death experience and how it became the springboard for her family's multi-generational legacy of more than money.

Bruce is the Lead Advisor and Chief Cash Flow Strategist of The Money Advantage, where he designs and communicates the individualized solutions that help their clients increase cash flow and financial control. Bruce leans on his experience as an educator and varsity head coach, lifelong entrepreneur, and real estate investor. Bruce is an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner who has been practicing Infinite Banking since his parents started his first policy when he was a young child.

Bruce and Rachel are also the co-hosts of The Money Advantage Podcast, the popular business and personal finance show.

Bob, Rachel, and Bruce Discuss:

[1:33] Keeping it simple, fun and doable.
[6:56] Understanding delayed gratification and developing the character to build wealth.
[15:45] Living the life you want to live, now.
[18:45] To don't lists.
[29:46] The ripple effect.
[32:41] The science of success and the art of fulfillment.

Invest in yourself and learn more about Infinite Banking with The Money Advantage team.

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